Saturday, November 13, 2010

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Let's get Physical

You know many of us have to deal with many challenges in life, as a health professional I see various ways that people are affected. Typically we as adults are showing the affects of our harsh child hood behavior. The sports, reckless activities such as hoping fences and many other childish but yet so fun and fulfilling activities show up at the oddest times in life. I speak with patients about low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and nagging ankle pains that they just can't quite remember when and why it started. I try not to be rude so I  restrain myself from laughing,  But we really do know when and why it all started. You know the question is why is it agitated?

Again I will remind you that your body has you on a physiological reward system that will stand till the day you expire in the physical form and transcend into your new life journey. We as youngsters didn't really understand to respect our bodies, but we as adults can start treating our bodies as best we can right NOW.

Our Country is considered to be one of thee most unhealthiest countries in the world. We have so many food choices, activities, and several outlets but we choice to have declining health. There are 33%  Obese Adult Americans in the United States. As you read this Hypertension, Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Stroke are all on the rise. You would think that as we watch the failing health of our family and friends we would want to live a vibrant and fulfilled physical life.

Women are starting to notice menstrual issues, battles with depression, and problems conceiving. Sure these are not all from just not being more active of course there are other contributing factors here. But let's realize that being active will give you a fighting chance at life.

I know your thinking here she goes preaching just like everyone else, well the difference is, I am on the same journey as you.  I need to manage my weight and increase activities as well as learn to be consistent.

You know the funny thing is that being active for children is a lost art. Remember when you were young? You would go outside and run around the block just because you could run, You would jump rope, play johnny on the spot, ring around the rosy, London bridges, and what about hop scotch? These are all games that so many children wouldn't understand nor want to play because it will make them sweat. Let's have the children play outside run just to have fun. The difference we should have between their fun and ours is we should teach them how to stay hydrated, stretch before or after and ice if you injure yourself.   If we would have implemented this into our daily play regiment we would be able to get out of bed without having a stiff back, crackling knees and stiff neck daily or just far to often to handle.

The only way we can improve the quality of life of the children is to lead by example. Let's show them to stretch as you start you day, drink plenty of water, unwind before bed and allow a relaxing hour or day to recover from your hectic week. Though a lot of adults have physical issues that can't be corrected you can make yourself more comfortable through activity that is healthy and beneficial for you. Let's treat ourselves to massage, practice breathing exercises, and stretch regularly and you will be surprised that with these small steps you will have major results.