Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What can massage do for you?

As a massage therapist I have come across many patients with various issues. Since I have worked with Chiropractors over the past 3 years I have observed some pretty miraculous recoveries. For example we had a patient tell us that they were diagnosed with liver failure, after some structural rebuilding with our office all her numbers that measure liver function have increases and the MD says she is not in any danger. Now, the MD is surprised but of course I’m not at all.

I have seen people suffer from depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder, anxiety and self-medicated Bipolar disorder. After actively participating in an intense treatment plan with Therapeutic massage and chiropractic structural rebuilding we have observed the patients display of depressed, negative and just out right rude behavior transform into the exact opposite of what they originally presented prior to treatment.

By massage therapy affecting the entire body internally and externally as well as chiropractic medicine the two alternative medicines complement one another therefore creating the perfect marriage of treatment. Due to the close relationship and affects that our sciences have on the human body and now many animals, I would Love to know what massage can really accomplish for the human body in its totality.

If you were someone in need of medical care, would you like to explore all options? or just bet it all on black? (A little gambling lingo for you) in my opinion that is exactly what you are doing. If you have a great MD who understand the science behind the alternative options and believe in taking advantage of them then I would say you’re in good hands. If not you should learn a few things today.

The reason for all this is to ask a question: Do you believe that massage would have an effect on or improve symptoms of people who are suffering from Mood disorders, Substance use disorders, Schizophrenia, Anxiety disorder, Eating disorders or Personality disorders?

Massage Professionals of Illinois, Inc available for your Recruitment and Corporate Wellness needs.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Well, here we are preparing for the Holidays. Whether you observe the Holidays or not the fact remains IT IS COLD OUTSIDE. I really enjoy this time of the year, the leaves change and fall, the snow falls and you feel a slight chill in the air, the only thing I'm not a fan of is the sloppy weather and reckless drivers or better yet the unskilled driver.

As we prepare for the season you notice that you have drier skin, your lips begin to chap, your muscles are tighter than usual. There are many who would say "I'm tight all year". Well let's just say, that if your were tight during the summer, fall and spring than image how tight you are now that it's a natural thing for your body to do as it tries to hold heat to keep you warm.

Our bodies have a natural reaction to cold. Your body attempts to keep you warm by contracting your muscles. Stretching has to be a regular part of your daily habits. If your tight and your body contracts to hold heat then you have to know that without stretching you can pull, tear or injure yourself much easier. The winter season is a very dangerous season injuries increase due to shoveling, slipping on ice and several other incidents. What are you doing to keep yourself healthy, warm and injury free this season?

If you know any Massage Therapist seeking employment or any Business looking to have a Corporate Massage or Wellness event please refer them to Massage Professionals of Illinois, Inc. You can find us on the web at http://www.massageprofessionalsofillinois.com/  We thank you in advance for your referral. How can we help you with increase your business?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Welcome, Tunisia! | LinkedIn

Welcome, Tunisia! LinkedIn

Let's get Physical

You know many of us have to deal with many challenges in life, as a health professional I see various ways that people are affected. Typically we as adults are showing the affects of our harsh child hood behavior. The sports, reckless activities such as hoping fences and many other childish but yet so fun and fulfilling activities show up at the oddest times in life. I speak with patients about low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and nagging ankle pains that they just can't quite remember when and why it started. I try not to be rude so I  restrain myself from laughing,  But we really do know when and why it all started. You know the question is why is it agitated?

Again I will remind you that your body has you on a physiological reward system that will stand till the day you expire in the physical form and transcend into your new life journey. We as youngsters didn't really understand to respect our bodies, but we as adults can start treating our bodies as best we can right NOW.

Our Country is considered to be one of thee most unhealthiest countries in the world. We have so many food choices, activities, and several outlets but we choice to have declining health. There are 33%  Obese Adult Americans in the United States. As you read this Hypertension, Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Stroke are all on the rise. You would think that as we watch the failing health of our family and friends we would want to live a vibrant and fulfilled physical life.

Women are starting to notice menstrual issues, battles with depression, and problems conceiving. Sure these are not all from just not being more active of course there are other contributing factors here. But let's realize that being active will give you a fighting chance at life.

I know your thinking here she goes preaching just like everyone else, well the difference is, I am on the same journey as you.  I need to manage my weight and increase activities as well as learn to be consistent.

You know the funny thing is that being active for children is a lost art. Remember when you were young? You would go outside and run around the block just because you could run, You would jump rope, play johnny on the spot, ring around the rosy, London bridges, and what about hop scotch? These are all games that so many children wouldn't understand nor want to play because it will make them sweat. Let's have the children play outside run just to have fun. The difference we should have between their fun and ours is we should teach them how to stay hydrated, stretch before or after and ice if you injure yourself.   If we would have implemented this into our daily play regiment we would be able to get out of bed without having a stiff back, crackling knees and stiff neck daily or just far to often to handle.

The only way we can improve the quality of life of the children is to lead by example. Let's show them to stretch as you start you day, drink plenty of water, unwind before bed and allow a relaxing hour or day to recover from your hectic week. Though a lot of adults have physical issues that can't be corrected you can make yourself more comfortable through activity that is healthy and beneficial for you. Let's treat ourselves to massage, practice breathing exercises, and stretch regularly and you will be surprised that with these small steps you will have major results.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Massage Professionals of Illinois Inc. the Genesis: Sleepless in the night...

Massage Professionals of Illinois Inc. the Genesis: Sleepless in the night...: "Over the last 2 weeks I have been approached several times about concerns with insomnia, either their not going to sleep or not staying asle..."

Sleepless in the night...

Over the last 2 weeks I have been approached several times about concerns with insomnia, either their not going to sleep or not staying asleep. Medical doctors all over the country would be salivating over this conversation. Most MD's would prescribe Ambien or Lunesta, there is a host of other sleeping pills available. Why would we want to suffer from aggressiveness, strange or unusually outgoing behavior, hallucinations (seeing things or hearing voices that do not exist), feeling as if you are outside of your body, memory problems, difficulty concentrating, slowed speech or movements, new or worsening depression, thinking about killing yourself, confusion, and any other changes in your usual thoughts, mood, or behavior? Well these are some of the symptoms that are associated with these medications.
There are several things that we over look before we schedule appointments with our physicians. Don't get me wrong I visit the Doctors office, I just go after I have evaluated all things that could have possibly caused my issue and exhausted all options that may resolve my issue naturally. Sleep is one thing that may be resolved easy enough by follow the check list below.
  1.  Close blinds/curtains to bed room
  2. No television or computer at least an hour before bed.
  3. No exercising an hour before bed.
Simple enough right?  If you have your curtains opened and the street lights are shining in the room that would create a bit of a distraction. Your room should be dark to create the sleep cycle. The blue light in the television and computer stimulates the release of melatonin when they are on, which is the same effect the sun light has on the human body. Melatonin is your awake hormone, so if your attempting to sleep you should trigger the opposite effect. You shouldn't have any stimulation before bed. There shouldn't be any activities like intense workouts to be exact, this will encourage adrenaline. There are many things you can try to ensure that you can unwind and have a good nights sleep. Fore instance, deep breathing and stretching with no music or television going for 10 to 15 minutes,drink a glass of water or warm milk (Yes, I will always say drink water) and make sure all lights are out in your bed room when going to sleep.

Just checking off a few simple things may change your life dramatically. After exhausting all options then you should go to the MD. In no way am I saying never go to your MD, I'm just saying educate yourself and learn about your body. Again, I will remind you, The body places you on a reward system, you treat it right, it will treat you right. If you're having difficulty sleeping don't take it lightly, sleep deprivation is a serious thing. Evaluate your diet, life style as far as activities or the lack there of, choice of beverages. Do you drink a lot of caffeine? Simple things can cause such a annoying issue. Be wise about your life style and habits. Were told daily almost everything is generational, of course if we keep teaching the same habits generation after generation. let's break the cycle. Also remember sleep deprivation can also be a sign of some health issues if you 're encountering health issues and insomnia is a symptom please consult your physician, I encourage it, I don't want you to think I'm against it.

God Bless and I look forward to our next chat. If you have any questions email me info@massageprofessionalsofillinois.com

Monday, September 20, 2010

Massage Professionals of Illinois Inc. the Genesis: A Joy in the professional life.

Massage Professionals of Illinois Inc. the Genesis: A Joy in the professional life.: "After I posted my last blog, I realized that 10 years ago I would have never considered blogging about health or anything for that matter. I..."

A Joy in the professional life.

After I posted my last blog, I realized that 10 years ago I would have never considered blogging about health or anything for that matter. I have developed such a Love and passion for others and their health that I decided to  to do my blog. The purpose of this blog is to encourage other massage therapist, educate patients/clients and to share my passion.

This past weekend was a great weekend, but a little disappointing. I picked up a new hobby. Yes, at 36 years old I decided to find a new hobby, believe it or not I am filled with Joy over this new change. I started running about 6 months ago and I realized how important it is to take care of the entire body as a whole unit.

Massage is so important to a person that you would really have to experience the benefits of massage to understand. Now that I am a semi athlete I now have started to experience massage from a different state of mind. As a Therapeutic Massage Therapist I tell everyone to stretch, hydrate and warm up before every activity. I see the benefit of following these wise instructions. What are your thoughts on massage as a some who receives massage a luxury or an athlete? What is your favorite massage experience?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The perfect marriage in health Massage and Chiropractic...

When is the last time you had a massage or adjustment?

Almost every person at some point in their life has said “I will work on improving my health”. There are many misconceptions about healthy living.

The average person doesn’t realize they’re:

1. Dehydrated (Did you know you should drink half your body weight in water?)

2. Vitamin deficient ( As Gillian mentioned you need at least 15 to 20 minutes of direct sun light)

3. Chronic Muscular tension (if you don’t stretch you can create misalignment's of the spine, muscle pulls bone)

4. Poor posture (Due to misaligned skeletal system)

Massage therapist and Chiropractors goal is to assist in you receiving total health. We focus on the body as a whole. We understand what happens on the inside reflects on the outside. As a Massage therapist I understand we create a systemic as well as physically effect which is why massage coupled with chiropractic is the perfect marriage in alternative health.

Massage therapy and chiropractic has several benefits people wouldn’t typically expect. Massage and Chiropractic affect The Vascular system, which is the heart and blood flow. We increase blood flow so that the muscle can relax and help the joints move freely. You can create a sluggish immune system without healthy movement. With every movement you pump lymph fluid through the body which helps filter through the lymph nodes so you can fight off colds and flu better. Chiropractors can give you a cervical adjustment to stimulate white blood cell that help fight off infections. Massage therapy relax he muscles allowing the chiropractor to adjust the neck. Muscle pulls bone if you receive adjustments without the muscles relaxing the muscle will return back to the position that originally caused the vertebrae to be misaligned.

Your body will put you on a physiological reward system if you treat your body right it will treat you right.
We encourage you being hydrated to help your body have healthy fluid moving joints, pliable muscle tissue, increased healthy blood flow and improved immune system. All these things will make your body perform at its optimal for you. Receiving massage and chiropractic can just encourage your body to respond properly for you.

You should find out from your own personal experience what Massage and or Chiropractic can do  for you.
What do you do to maintain your health? Alternative medicine works well with traditional medicine. What are some of your physical concerns? Do you experience neck pain, head ache, low back pain, or numb tingling feelings in your fingers? 

For more information massage you can go to www.massageprofessionalsofillinois.com  and for Chiropractic questions you can go to www.illinoisspinalcare.com


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Getting on track

Well today is a great day it is sunny outside and I have to get moving. I am excited. I have got back on track I have Red Devil Promotions scheduled to review my website before I launch it, I have Ms. Erma who will assist with my business plan. Erma gave me a ton of home work and I have to start today. I also have to meet with my DPWN http://www.dpwomen.com/ associate to put together our power partner talk on Wellness. It will be a very busy weekend. I also have to prepare for Latonja and her husbands going away party tomorrow night. Wow!! My friend is moving to the ATL. How exciting? I have so much to do these days.

While I am working so hard I have to remember that I have to stay healthy. I found it odd that for a week I didn't go on any runs and all did was crave very unhealthy food. The funny thing is I craved McDonalds. Wow! McDonalds I wanted to have a Big Mac so bad. Did you know that a Big Mac has over 400 calories? I would have to run 4 miles just to burn off the Big Mac.

We as people considering that Americans are considered to be the most unhealthy people as far as obesity, hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes. We have a lot to work on and toward. I live in Chicago and if your in the Midwest at all you understand how we receive very little sun light. Now I know you hear stay out of the sun, where sun tanning lotion, and stay covered up. You actually need sun light to survive. That's right I said " You need sun light to survive". We get Vitamin D from the sun light it's a fat soluble vitamin which helps your body absorber calcium and phosphorus from our food. It also helps to build the bones in your body. Just remember everything in moderation people. Always remember everything in moderation. We are a nation built on fear. Don't do this, You can't do that, and be careful or this will happened. If you notice everything changes every couple of years. remember this drink red wine it's good for your heart, pregnant Moms can drink wine it's good for the blood etc... Every drug is the best for you as your Doctor but if you take it you may experience depression, heart attack, loss of eye sight or death.

What is our medical field coming to? What are we as a society tolerating? Don't get me wrong I go to the Doctor for my regular check up. However, I like to find out about the natural way to handle the situation first. I take my vitamin supplements but I also eat the necessary food and expose myself to the natural environment that enhances my health. I take vitamin D in addition to exposing myself to sun light. I have considered to change all lights in our place to ensure that we receive sufficient vitamin D.

I have experienced being vitamin D deficent just 4 months ago. I was experiencing fatigue sluggish behavior, irregular menstrual cycle and a few other symptoms all from low vitamin levels. I have encounter several patients who I heard some of the same symptoms and advised them to have their levels checked. Guess what? Yes, their levels were also low. Have you check you vitamin levels? If the answer is no please have them check right away. We are going into the winter season and in the Midwest we loose sun light and the temperatures change. our bodies will change. I was prescribed 50,000 IU's for 4 weeks and I don't know if you will be comfortable with this but i didn't realize that my digestive system had slowed down so much until I started to take my vitamin D and boy did I notice things started to get jump started. to read more about vitamin D go to http://www.vitamindeficiencysymptomsguide.com/

I hope My information was of assistance to you. Have you had your massage today?
You can schedule with Massage Professionals of Illinois, Inc. (708)680-6764 or tmacklin@massageprofessionalofillinois.com God Bless You and May you and your family be healthy and full of Joy.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Womans Health (Seasonal Affects)

If you are a man share with your Wife, family, girlfriend, or female friend.

It has been a very interesting summer for me. I have encountered woman who have many questions about bra's, menstrual cycles, and mental health. The funny thing is if you don't have a good bra when you come on your menstrual it can cause you to be very hormonal and agitated which affects your mental health. Lol!!! I just had to get that out. now let's get serious.

I read in one of my massage therapy books by Mosby that women are lunar beings. When they say lunar they mean we are based off of the lunar system. I found that to be very funny and thought about it a little deeper. We all know that we are of the earth so why wouldn't we believe if the earth changes we would change? Have you noticed that during seasonal changes your menstrual cycle changes? Did you notice that in the summer your very energetic, during the winter your SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and during spring you find yourself having a little more sexual energy? Though my Husband says " All year has been spring it seems". (That's Newly Weds for You). The funny part is I also learned that the word lunatic was created to describe the woman. Yes, I know, that's what I said to... The word lunatic is meant to describe our mental state during the changes like full moon etc...

We are as humans controlled by the planet and everything that surround it. Ex: we have a gland called the pineal gland that controls the release of our melatonin and serotonin which controls our sleep and awake cycle. To explain when the sun rises and the sun light touches your fore head it the pineal gland will release the hormone to wake you up. Now you know the same for sun set and going to sleep. Oh!! How God has created a miraculous system.

Women menstrual cycles change for many reasons. Have you ever notice you come on your cycle on the 21st every month now you have a new job and suddenly it changes to the 10th of the month? Or It could be you started hanging with a new female friend. It's funny we become synced up and suddenly all the women who work together or hang together begin to start their menstrual at the same time. That is one thing I can't explain to you, but it's very funny.

The body goes on hormonal over load and we become upset and sad but we can change it. Laugh ladies when you feel sad, angry, or depressed. Emotions are all hormonally controlled if you feel anything negitive just laugh and stimulate the joyful hormone so you can counter act the SAD hormone. We don't have to be depressed or angry when we are on our menstral cycle. Let's learn more about our bodies so we can treat about bodies better. Rememeber your body put you on a physiological reward system. We are a self healing organisim we have to learn about our bodies to unlock the gifts with in it. I Thank God for this wonderful beautiful body he blessed me with.


During the time I was seeking ways to sooth my cramps and feel healthy and full of joy even during what we consider a not so joyful moment I found several things.

I found a natural way to stop cramps that works for me-
  • Black cohosh you can take it in the tea form or pill. If you take the tea it isn't delicious but it works. I have been using it for about 2 years.
  • Exercise helps with cramps
  • staying hydrated
  • check your vitamin levels
  • massage therapy
  • I found that I have more complications when I have low vitamin levels like Iron and vitamin B.

We as women we have to speak to one another and help one another to understand why we are experiencing changes. Ladies let us share.

What have you noticed with your body?

If you have any questions or comments feel free to share. We all should share.

Physical rewards

Today I am relaxing after church and realized I have plenty of home work. I have a mini talk to put together for Dynamic Professional Women Network www.dpwomen.com and I have to work on my Vision statement, objective and company biography. Thank God of Ms. Erma who will be working with me on my business plan. I have been slightly set back because August 30, 2010 My Husband and I celebrated our first year anniversary. We decided to do something different and it was also healthy. When I say your body will put you on a physiological reward system" it is true. We felt great after a weekend of hiking.

My Husband and I went to Starved Rock in Utica, Illinois. We went Horse Back riding and Hiking. We were there for 2 days and in the 2 days we were there we hiked about 12 miles. I tell you we were slightly sore but we stayed hydrated. Hydration is what helped us during our time out in the wilderness. The funny part it is my Husband has allergies but during the entire trip he didn't sneeze once nor did his eyes bother him one time.

If any of you have ever been hiking you will understand how physically demanding it can be. I was able to clear my mind and refocus on what I needed to do. Today I could feel my muscles and I forgot that Thursday I complete the longest run I ever ran 5 miles. Yay!!! Please let us start to work toward God Health and Quality health.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Understanding your body

Today most people don't take time to listen to their body. Do you know when you have pushed your body to far? Have you noticed when your body screams for rest? These are the million dollar questions that most people can't answer. To some a slight head ache requires a aspirin or Tylenol, achy bones and joints mean to put icy hot on them or push past the pain.

Every body has different demands but the bottom line is that they want to be treated well. Your body puts you on a physiological reward system you treat it well and it will treat you well. How have you been treating your body.

We need to focus on several things to keep ourselves healthy. I'm not perfect however I am growing toward being a healthier individual.

1. What is your activity of choice?
2.When do you do breathing exercise?
3. How often are you hydrating?
4. Do you stretch daily?
5.Do you take supplements (vitamins)?

These things should be apart of your daily routine. We schedule every thing from work to social functions with friends and family. Why can't we schedule our wellness? Everyone would like to live a long life. We really need to focus on the quality of life we live. What good is it to live to be 90 years old but have little to no mobility, respiratory issues or having some long term health issue.

I don't think anyone wants to live a long painful life. I challenge you to live healthy. Take out 10 minutes to do breathing exercises, 15 minutes to stretch a few times a day and try and do a 30 minute run or walk per day.

Let's hydrate ourselves. Hydration assist with clear thinking, lubricated joints, improved range of motion and assist immune system. You should be drinking half your body weight in water. Yes 50% of your body weight.

I challenge you to improve your quality of life and I would really enjoy hearing about your progress.

Stay tuned for the next topic

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Implementing the best

Corporate Wellness has been my focus for the Massage Professionals of Illinois, Inc. I have worked on many patients lately all of which have the same complaint. They are experiencing pain in their low back, fore arms, neck and migraines. I would like to implement a solid program in corporate america.

Today in most corporations executives are worried about revenue, productivity and not the employees. Massage, stress relief, and stress management are all apart of improving the work enviroment for the many employees. Massage isn't a luxury it's apart of a life style choice. Many people receive massages on vacations on luxurious islands but never consider having that relaxing feeling more often.

Considering that many people live a sedentary life and never consider the longterm affect of such a choice. We have to realize massage can assist in many ways more than you could ever imagine. Adding massage to several life style changes including office stress management choices you can add to the quality of life.

Considering that not managing stress, poor nutrienal habits, and very little to no healthy activity can lead to some major health issues; Heart Disease, Hyper tension, and migraines etc. We have to look at our diet choices. We create hereditary conditions because we practice and teach our poor choices. Implementing the wellness programs will teach many employees how to change their poor choices into wise and more beneficial healthy choices.

Working with Corporations closely I will show how they can increase productivity, company moral, and decrease office illness. To improve the office you have to start with the root issue, stress has been proven to weaken the immune system and create illiness such as the conditions listed above.

We look forward to entering the Corporate world and assisting in the change and improvement of office staff.

Look forward to hear from you all.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Massage Professionals of Illinois Inc. the Genesis: Massage Professionals of Illinois Inc. the Genesis: Corporate Wellness development

Massage Professionals of Illinois Inc. the Genesis: Massage Professionals of Illinois Inc. the Genesis: Corporate Wellness development

Massage Professionals of Illinois Inc. the Genesis: Corporate Wellness development

Massage Professionals of Illinois Inc. the Genesis: Corporate Wellness development: "Todays corporations have a lot to consider these days. Employees are over worked and majority would even say under paid. The average employe..."

Corporate Wellness development

Todays corporations have a lot to consider these days. Employees are over worked and majority would even say under paid. The average employee works at a desk. If you work at a desk or on your feet there are many risks to consider. As a massage therapist of almost 8 years I have come across many patients with serveral work related injuries. Corporate America has to understand and remember without healthy employees you will not have a fully functioning company. Over the years I have watched employees experience community contracted illinesses such as viruses and common colds and part of it is some places have poor ventilation in the office. When you have over worked employees you have an employee with a weakend immune system. When you add this up it makes for a very poor work enviroment.

I have dealt with patients who didn't have basic knowledge on stress management, stretching and posture adjustments during work. I advice patients to remember to take atleast 10 minutes out of every hour to stretch and do breathing exercises to assist them with preventing conditions such as carpal tunnel, headaches, migraines, stiff or sore neck and shoulder which are very common condiditon for people who work on computers. There can be chronicThe average employee can experience chronically contracted upper trapezius, forward head and rounded shoulders or chronic headaches. Anyone who has ever experienced a muscle spasm can understand why it would be a major discomfort attempting to work a 8 hour work day in that condition.

I have been working on an educational program for Massage Professionals of Illinois, Inc Corporate Wellness Program to cover every aspect of an office experience. We have to remember even as massage therapist we to have to keep ourselves in the best shape. My most remembered conversation with every patient is drink water, stretch and remember to breath.

I have to remind my Husband every day he works for UPS and Comcast. Yes both so you must know he experienece quite a bit of aches and pains. Thanks to a chiropractor and my massage we have controlled it as best we can.

I am signing out for now I have to start doing more work. I have to work on my business plan. i have to go to score website and get their templete. I pray you have a Blessed day as I have.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bad Business

Good evening,

Well I still haven't heard anything from Bob of 100 year wellness. I am so suprised he started out working with the Dr. and now he hasn't returned anyones call. I emailed him and no response as of yet. I hope he has left for vacation or something. Why would you have someone work with you and offer to pay and then not pay. i am a tad bit upset. I gave of a 1/2 day of work, I could have stayed and made money. What's funny is he Bob thinks he will get away with cheating. Not!!! I love it when people play themselves. Why?? Why?? Why??

One thing I know is his business will never prosper because he is a cheat. it's one thing being a shrud business man and another thing being a liar and cheat. Bob offered to pay $40 and hour for 4.5 hours and didn't pay.

I had a busy day today. Patients were on time. I really enjoy when that happends. I made a nice connection with a marketing company Red Devil Promotions I hope to meet with Danielle soon. I went for a run today after my work day Jennifer my co-worker at Illinois Spinal Care went Elmhurst praire path and ran 2.37 miles. I have to prepare for the Frank Lloyd Wright 5k run October 24th and the 5k Hot Chocolate run November 6th. I have to be ready. I participated in the Elmhurst 4 on the 3rd on July 3rd and didn't do as well as I would have like to. I did 4 miles in 1 hour and 2 minutes. I felt like I had been beat up.

Running has helped me so much. I can think clear and I am so energized after. I finished my run, bathed, and now I'm cooking chicken and noodles for dinner.

My Husband has gone to bowl with his friend Tony he is in town till Saturday. I am so glad Tony is okay he is in the Army. I hope he is okay he has served over in Afganastan. he hasn't spoken to us about what's going on over there but he will say you couldn't handle what he has seen. i just pray that he will be healthy mentally and physically. I have encountered many young men who have served over there and they all have some signs of PTSS.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Morning After Catch up

Good morning,

I was a little distracted yesterday I'm still in shock. I worked with a company as a favor for my employers back in May 2010 to help promote the office. I can't believe Bob still hasn't paid me yet. Bob owns a health talk business, what he does is he does what's called lunch and learns he will supply lunch and do a health and wellness talk for about 15 to 30 minutes. After he does his talk he sends people to us or any other chiropractor he is promoting at that particular event. It's been since May and he still hasn't paid me or my friend, he will not return calls nor will he answer any call. I'm still shocked he hung up on Crystal last week. I can't believe it. I have never dealt with any one like this before.

So after figuring out what to do next with the Bob situation I get a call from Dr. D'Amico yesterday telling me I'm in the early stages of Arthritis. I have a shin splint from running on concrete that really bothers me. Well they have me go in to check that I have no fractures and it turns out they find an unidentified mass in the x-ray. I was told to do a second X-ray to confirm what they saw. Well yesterday was the call it turns out they saw a calcified bone growth 1.2 cm by 1 mil in the between the tibia and fibula, they also found osteophytes and cyst that I can remember the name of at the moment. They will send the reading to me for my records. I am only 35 years old and though I know I had a few knee injuries I can't believe that I was diagnosed with early stages of arthritis.

I remember when I was younger you think your invincible but as you get older you find that you aren't. Like my Auntie Edith who is fighting Lung cancer. I'm sure she never expected that all the smoking and drinking would lead up to 2 bouts of cancer.

Yesterday was a great day in the office I was in high spirits as usual and all my patients were wonderful as usual. I have 2 new patients that should up on my schedule for yesterday. The male is going to interesting he is an engineer who can hardly relax. He would continuously shrug his shoulders during the massage. He was a first timer for massage. i really enjoy when I'm someone first experience. I hope everything goes well with him. I will only See him once a week.

Well I didn't get a chance to focus on finishing anything for Massage Professionals of Illinois, Inc yesterday. i have to finish my application for Department of Employment to become a licensed placement agency, make an appointment with SCORE and I have to set my prices to recruit, my wellness program and I still haven't selected my logo. It doesn't sound like much to some but for me it is plenty.

Well off I go I have to get to work. I haven't eaten any breakfast yet or do my run yet. I have to get a mile in today some kind of way. I Pray your day will be Blessed... Remember you should be a Blessing today.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Ending my night

My evening has been pretty slow at home. I updated some post on my social media sites and cooked dinner for me and the Hubby. I made baked chicken, spinach, and Yams with lemonaide.

I am still not sleepy. I took a rhodiola earlier today to stay nice an energized at work. Rhodiola is a natural energy source it is a plant. Anyway they are so nice to have when I go for a run or just need to stay alert. It's not like take caffein pills or anything. Rhodiola only works when your moving the minute you stop it stops and you don't get that crash after ward. Well, I took one and now I can't go to sleep so I caught up on some reading.

I found a interesting article on Asthma being linked to Vitamin D deficiency for children http://bit.ly/dlQvPY. i can see how that is possible. i found out a few months ago my Vitamin D was really low. My vitamin D level should be 30 and it was 14. I couldn't understand why I was so fatigued, irrated and short with everyone. I hope my levels are normall now they perscribed me 50,000 IU's. It was explained to me that the national average is to low and the government is increasing it. I also found an article on Memory loss in older pear shape women linked to the excess weight around their waist http://bit.ly/amUEG0. Crazy right? I thought it was but due to the hormonal release during weight gain that is secreted from the fat I can see has how it happends considering your waist line can affect your heart.

well finally I am ready for bed. wow!! I can hear my Husband snoring in the other room. Wish me a peaceful nights sleep.


As of May 15, 2010 I have offically become Incorporated. I am so excited. I found an attorney and accountant. I finally received my FEIN number also. This is so exciting for me and my Husband who is such a huge help to me. I went to a social media seminar hosted by Entrepreneur magazine and it was wonderful. The speaker was Mitch Meyerson who has created the Gurilla marketing program. I was recently told about Score which is retired professionals who assist you for free in building your business. Now I am moving toward the next step of business plan, prices, contracts and website. I have to be serious about this my body is starting to fell the years of work now.

I have been a massage therapist since 2004 and I have a gangelion cyst from over working my wrist. I have to do something. I plan on having a child some day and know that I will have to make some lifestyle changes soon. I really enjoy my job, employers and my patients. I have really become comfortible but know I have to grow and not become stagnit in life. I have to head out to work now. I pray the remainder of your day will be a blessed day.