Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bad Business

Good evening,

Well I still haven't heard anything from Bob of 100 year wellness. I am so suprised he started out working with the Dr. and now he hasn't returned anyones call. I emailed him and no response as of yet. I hope he has left for vacation or something. Why would you have someone work with you and offer to pay and then not pay. i am a tad bit upset. I gave of a 1/2 day of work, I could have stayed and made money. What's funny is he Bob thinks he will get away with cheating. Not!!! I love it when people play themselves. Why?? Why?? Why??

One thing I know is his business will never prosper because he is a cheat. it's one thing being a shrud business man and another thing being a liar and cheat. Bob offered to pay $40 and hour for 4.5 hours and didn't pay.

I had a busy day today. Patients were on time. I really enjoy when that happends. I made a nice connection with a marketing company Red Devil Promotions I hope to meet with Danielle soon. I went for a run today after my work day Jennifer my co-worker at Illinois Spinal Care went Elmhurst praire path and ran 2.37 miles. I have to prepare for the Frank Lloyd Wright 5k run October 24th and the 5k Hot Chocolate run November 6th. I have to be ready. I participated in the Elmhurst 4 on the 3rd on July 3rd and didn't do as well as I would have like to. I did 4 miles in 1 hour and 2 minutes. I felt like I had been beat up.

Running has helped me so much. I can think clear and I am so energized after. I finished my run, bathed, and now I'm cooking chicken and noodles for dinner.

My Husband has gone to bowl with his friend Tony he is in town till Saturday. I am so glad Tony is okay he is in the Army. I hope he is okay he has served over in Afganastan. he hasn't spoken to us about what's going on over there but he will say you couldn't handle what he has seen. i just pray that he will be healthy mentally and physically. I have encountered many young men who have served over there and they all have some signs of PTSS.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Morning After Catch up

Good morning,

I was a little distracted yesterday I'm still in shock. I worked with a company as a favor for my employers back in May 2010 to help promote the office. I can't believe Bob still hasn't paid me yet. Bob owns a health talk business, what he does is he does what's called lunch and learns he will supply lunch and do a health and wellness talk for about 15 to 30 minutes. After he does his talk he sends people to us or any other chiropractor he is promoting at that particular event. It's been since May and he still hasn't paid me or my friend, he will not return calls nor will he answer any call. I'm still shocked he hung up on Crystal last week. I can't believe it. I have never dealt with any one like this before.

So after figuring out what to do next with the Bob situation I get a call from Dr. D'Amico yesterday telling me I'm in the early stages of Arthritis. I have a shin splint from running on concrete that really bothers me. Well they have me go in to check that I have no fractures and it turns out they find an unidentified mass in the x-ray. I was told to do a second X-ray to confirm what they saw. Well yesterday was the call it turns out they saw a calcified bone growth 1.2 cm by 1 mil in the between the tibia and fibula, they also found osteophytes and cyst that I can remember the name of at the moment. They will send the reading to me for my records. I am only 35 years old and though I know I had a few knee injuries I can't believe that I was diagnosed with early stages of arthritis.

I remember when I was younger you think your invincible but as you get older you find that you aren't. Like my Auntie Edith who is fighting Lung cancer. I'm sure she never expected that all the smoking and drinking would lead up to 2 bouts of cancer.

Yesterday was a great day in the office I was in high spirits as usual and all my patients were wonderful as usual. I have 2 new patients that should up on my schedule for yesterday. The male is going to interesting he is an engineer who can hardly relax. He would continuously shrug his shoulders during the massage. He was a first timer for massage. i really enjoy when I'm someone first experience. I hope everything goes well with him. I will only See him once a week.

Well I didn't get a chance to focus on finishing anything for Massage Professionals of Illinois, Inc yesterday. i have to finish my application for Department of Employment to become a licensed placement agency, make an appointment with SCORE and I have to set my prices to recruit, my wellness program and I still haven't selected my logo. It doesn't sound like much to some but for me it is plenty.

Well off I go I have to get to work. I haven't eaten any breakfast yet or do my run yet. I have to get a mile in today some kind of way. I Pray your day will be Blessed... Remember you should be a Blessing today.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Ending my night

My evening has been pretty slow at home. I updated some post on my social media sites and cooked dinner for me and the Hubby. I made baked chicken, spinach, and Yams with lemonaide.

I am still not sleepy. I took a rhodiola earlier today to stay nice an energized at work. Rhodiola is a natural energy source it is a plant. Anyway they are so nice to have when I go for a run or just need to stay alert. It's not like take caffein pills or anything. Rhodiola only works when your moving the minute you stop it stops and you don't get that crash after ward. Well, I took one and now I can't go to sleep so I caught up on some reading.

I found a interesting article on Asthma being linked to Vitamin D deficiency for children i can see how that is possible. i found out a few months ago my Vitamin D was really low. My vitamin D level should be 30 and it was 14. I couldn't understand why I was so fatigued, irrated and short with everyone. I hope my levels are normall now they perscribed me 50,000 IU's. It was explained to me that the national average is to low and the government is increasing it. I also found an article on Memory loss in older pear shape women linked to the excess weight around their waist Crazy right? I thought it was but due to the hormonal release during weight gain that is secreted from the fat I can see has how it happends considering your waist line can affect your heart.

well finally I am ready for bed. wow!! I can hear my Husband snoring in the other room. Wish me a peaceful nights sleep.


As of May 15, 2010 I have offically become Incorporated. I am so excited. I found an attorney and accountant. I finally received my FEIN number also. This is so exciting for me and my Husband who is such a huge help to me. I went to a social media seminar hosted by Entrepreneur magazine and it was wonderful. The speaker was Mitch Meyerson who has created the Gurilla marketing program. I was recently told about Score which is retired professionals who assist you for free in building your business. Now I am moving toward the next step of business plan, prices, contracts and website. I have to be serious about this my body is starting to fell the years of work now.

I have been a massage therapist since 2004 and I have a gangelion cyst from over working my wrist. I have to do something. I plan on having a child some day and know that I will have to make some lifestyle changes soon. I really enjoy my job, employers and my patients. I have really become comfortible but know I have to grow and not become stagnit in life. I have to head out to work now. I pray the remainder of your day will be a blessed day.