Thursday, September 8, 2011

We have a different style of therapist these days. I find myself questioning how some of the schools set up their curriculum? How much the Instructor is allowed to add to the class room? I had the opportunity to meet with a therapist, now anyone that know me know that I can be a little anal about a few things, but I am for sure anal about my equipment, my massage room and supplies. Well, with that being said I have notice more of the rookie therapist either don't care or simply just don't know how thing work.

1. Do NOT use a massage therapist room and not return it to it's original state.
(a) re-dress the massage table.

2. Do NOT useall the oil up and not replace it.
(a) You should supply your own oil. ( never expect anyone to have massage oil for you.)

3. If you are nor familiar with using certain equipment then DO NOT use it or touch it.

I have come across many therapist who are not practicing any of these tips which I find very odd. How are we allowing our massage therapy students to go out and not be prepared to represent themselves properly? As instructors You need to understand that employers are aware of proper etiquette. I recruit massage therapist for many different massage settings. I expect the therapist to come trained, prepared and ready to go into a work environment.

As veteran therapist we need to make sure that we are working with the new therapist to help them to understand how to be prepared as well as display professional etiquette.  Organizations like AMTA offer mentoring. You can sign up for a mentor to help you adjust to your new career. If you are a seasoned therapist you can also just sign up to be a mentor. What I like about their mentoring program you can choose gender, and demographic as well as whether you will mentor by telephone or in person. Please sign up to be a mentor if your a seasoned therapist. Let's assist in the advancement of a new therapist career.

If you are a massage therapist seeking employment or you know a facility that is seeking a qualified therapist please forward our information. We thank you in advance.

Tunisia Macklin