Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Winter Mania

We are in the mist of  winter in the Midwest and for most of us we are experiencing many complications. I have heard complaints of fatigue, restless nights sleep, stiff achy muscles and joints along with dry and itchy skin. There are so many remedies that you will hear in your life time but massage therapy will either not be mentioned or be the last remedy heard.

What are the chanced you will run to massage therapist to help you with sleep, stiff joints or achy muscles, and dry skin? Exactly, you had to think about it.  I will admit prior to my career in massage the last thing on  my mind would have been massage therapy. I would only consider massage if I was looking to relax and have a luxurious weekend with the girls. Massage offers many things and yes we can guarantee you improved quality of life.

Massage Therapy can make winter a little more pleasant. Would you consider massage over medication? Now if your experiencing muscle spasms, tender muscles and chronic unexplained discomfort in your muscles would you take muscle relaxers or visit you massage therapist?

The winter causes your muscles to contract to hold heat to keep you warm. During the time your muscles are contracted you have to realize that if your muscles were tight prior to that then you have now increased your risk of injury. Stretching, Hydrating and yes you can't forget MASSAGE regularly will help you to stay injury free and pain free. Massage can offer you many benefits but will you accept what it has to offer? Massage will increase blood circulation, boost immune function, assist in improved range of motion (R.O.M) and improved healthy hormonal release. Utilizing massage can cut cost on unnecessary medication cost such as Tylenol, muscle relaxers etc. After learning what massage can do for you what will you do to improve your physical health?

We Heart your Health.... What are you doing to improve you cardiovascular health?

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