Sunday, August 22, 2010

Implementing the best

Corporate Wellness has been my focus for the Massage Professionals of Illinois, Inc. I have worked on many patients lately all of which have the same complaint. They are experiencing pain in their low back, fore arms, neck and migraines. I would like to implement a solid program in corporate america.

Today in most corporations executives are worried about revenue, productivity and not the employees. Massage, stress relief, and stress management are all apart of improving the work enviroment for the many employees. Massage isn't a luxury it's apart of a life style choice. Many people receive massages on vacations on luxurious islands but never consider having that relaxing feeling more often.

Considering that many people live a sedentary life and never consider the longterm affect of such a choice. We have to realize massage can assist in many ways more than you could ever imagine. Adding massage to several life style changes including office stress management choices you can add to the quality of life.

Considering that not managing stress, poor nutrienal habits, and very little to no healthy activity can lead to some major health issues; Heart Disease, Hyper tension, and migraines etc. We have to look at our diet choices. We create hereditary conditions because we practice and teach our poor choices. Implementing the wellness programs will teach many employees how to change their poor choices into wise and more beneficial healthy choices.

Working with Corporations closely I will show how they can increase productivity, company moral, and decrease office illness. To improve the office you have to start with the root issue, stress has been proven to weaken the immune system and create illiness such as the conditions listed above.

We look forward to entering the Corporate world and assisting in the change and improvement of office staff.

Look forward to hear from you all.

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