Friday, August 6, 2010

Corporate Wellness development

Todays corporations have a lot to consider these days. Employees are over worked and majority would even say under paid. The average employee works at a desk. If you work at a desk or on your feet there are many risks to consider. As a massage therapist of almost 8 years I have come across many patients with serveral work related injuries. Corporate America has to understand and remember without healthy employees you will not have a fully functioning company. Over the years I have watched employees experience community contracted illinesses such as viruses and common colds and part of it is some places have poor ventilation in the office. When you have over worked employees you have an employee with a weakend immune system. When you add this up it makes for a very poor work enviroment.

I have dealt with patients who didn't have basic knowledge on stress management, stretching and posture adjustments during work. I advice patients to remember to take atleast 10 minutes out of every hour to stretch and do breathing exercises to assist them with preventing conditions such as carpal tunnel, headaches, migraines, stiff or sore neck and shoulder which are very common condiditon for people who work on computers. There can be chronicThe average employee can experience chronically contracted upper trapezius, forward head and rounded shoulders or chronic headaches. Anyone who has ever experienced a muscle spasm can understand why it would be a major discomfort attempting to work a 8 hour work day in that condition.

I have been working on an educational program for Massage Professionals of Illinois, Inc Corporate Wellness Program to cover every aspect of an office experience. We have to remember even as massage therapist we to have to keep ourselves in the best shape. My most remembered conversation with every patient is drink water, stretch and remember to breath.

I have to remind my Husband every day he works for UPS and Comcast. Yes both so you must know he experienece quite a bit of aches and pains. Thanks to a chiropractor and my massage we have controlled it as best we can.

I am signing out for now I have to start doing more work. I have to work on my business plan. i have to go to score website and get their templete. I pray you have a Blessed day as I have.

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