Monday, July 19, 2010

Ending my night

My evening has been pretty slow at home. I updated some post on my social media sites and cooked dinner for me and the Hubby. I made baked chicken, spinach, and Yams with lemonaide.

I am still not sleepy. I took a rhodiola earlier today to stay nice an energized at work. Rhodiola is a natural energy source it is a plant. Anyway they are so nice to have when I go for a run or just need to stay alert. It's not like take caffein pills or anything. Rhodiola only works when your moving the minute you stop it stops and you don't get that crash after ward. Well, I took one and now I can't go to sleep so I caught up on some reading.

I found a interesting article on Asthma being linked to Vitamin D deficiency for children i can see how that is possible. i found out a few months ago my Vitamin D was really low. My vitamin D level should be 30 and it was 14. I couldn't understand why I was so fatigued, irrated and short with everyone. I hope my levels are normall now they perscribed me 50,000 IU's. It was explained to me that the national average is to low and the government is increasing it. I also found an article on Memory loss in older pear shape women linked to the excess weight around their waist Crazy right? I thought it was but due to the hormonal release during weight gain that is secreted from the fat I can see has how it happends considering your waist line can affect your heart.

well finally I am ready for bed. wow!! I can hear my Husband snoring in the other room. Wish me a peaceful nights sleep.

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