Thursday, September 9, 2010

Getting on track

Well today is a great day it is sunny outside and I have to get moving. I am excited. I have got back on track I have Red Devil Promotions scheduled to review my website before I launch it, I have Ms. Erma who will assist with my business plan. Erma gave me a ton of home work and I have to start today. I also have to meet with my DPWN associate to put together our power partner talk on Wellness. It will be a very busy weekend. I also have to prepare for Latonja and her husbands going away party tomorrow night. Wow!! My friend is moving to the ATL. How exciting? I have so much to do these days.

While I am working so hard I have to remember that I have to stay healthy. I found it odd that for a week I didn't go on any runs and all did was crave very unhealthy food. The funny thing is I craved McDonalds. Wow! McDonalds I wanted to have a Big Mac so bad. Did you know that a Big Mac has over 400 calories? I would have to run 4 miles just to burn off the Big Mac.

We as people considering that Americans are considered to be the most unhealthy people as far as obesity, hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes. We have a lot to work on and toward. I live in Chicago and if your in the Midwest at all you understand how we receive very little sun light. Now I know you hear stay out of the sun, where sun tanning lotion, and stay covered up. You actually need sun light to survive. That's right I said " You need sun light to survive". We get Vitamin D from the sun light it's a fat soluble vitamin which helps your body absorber calcium and phosphorus from our food. It also helps to build the bones in your body. Just remember everything in moderation people. Always remember everything in moderation. We are a nation built on fear. Don't do this, You can't do that, and be careful or this will happened. If you notice everything changes every couple of years. remember this drink red wine it's good for your heart, pregnant Moms can drink wine it's good for the blood etc... Every drug is the best for you as your Doctor but if you take it you may experience depression, heart attack, loss of eye sight or death.

What is our medical field coming to? What are we as a society tolerating? Don't get me wrong I go to the Doctor for my regular check up. However, I like to find out about the natural way to handle the situation first. I take my vitamin supplements but I also eat the necessary food and expose myself to the natural environment that enhances my health. I take vitamin D in addition to exposing myself to sun light. I have considered to change all lights in our place to ensure that we receive sufficient vitamin D.

I have experienced being vitamin D deficent just 4 months ago. I was experiencing fatigue sluggish behavior, irregular menstrual cycle and a few other symptoms all from low vitamin levels. I have encounter several patients who I heard some of the same symptoms and advised them to have their levels checked. Guess what? Yes, their levels were also low. Have you check you vitamin levels? If the answer is no please have them check right away. We are going into the winter season and in the Midwest we loose sun light and the temperatures change. our bodies will change. I was prescribed 50,000 IU's for 4 weeks and I don't know if you will be comfortable with this but i didn't realize that my digestive system had slowed down so much until I started to take my vitamin D and boy did I notice things started to get jump started. to read more about vitamin D go to

I hope My information was of assistance to you. Have you had your massage today?
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  1. BEAUTIFUL thanks for sharing i will continue to check you out for updates ~ I see you will always be one of my best teachers :)