Sunday, September 5, 2010

Physical rewards

Today I am relaxing after church and realized I have plenty of home work. I have a mini talk to put together for Dynamic Professional Women Network and I have to work on my Vision statement, objective and company biography. Thank God of Ms. Erma who will be working with me on my business plan. I have been slightly set back because August 30, 2010 My Husband and I celebrated our first year anniversary. We decided to do something different and it was also healthy. When I say your body will put you on a physiological reward system" it is true. We felt great after a weekend of hiking.

My Husband and I went to Starved Rock in Utica, Illinois. We went Horse Back riding and Hiking. We were there for 2 days and in the 2 days we were there we hiked about 12 miles. I tell you we were slightly sore but we stayed hydrated. Hydration is what helped us during our time out in the wilderness. The funny part it is my Husband has allergies but during the entire trip he didn't sneeze once nor did his eyes bother him one time.

If any of you have ever been hiking you will understand how physically demanding it can be. I was able to clear my mind and refocus on what I needed to do. Today I could feel my muscles and I forgot that Thursday I complete the longest run I ever ran 5 miles. Yay!!! Please let us start to work toward God Health and Quality health.

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