Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The perfect marriage in health Massage and Chiropractic...

When is the last time you had a massage or adjustment?

Almost every person at some point in their life has said “I will work on improving my health”. There are many misconceptions about healthy living.

The average person doesn’t realize they’re:

1. Dehydrated (Did you know you should drink half your body weight in water?)

2. Vitamin deficient ( As Gillian mentioned you need at least 15 to 20 minutes of direct sun light)

3. Chronic Muscular tension (if you don’t stretch you can create misalignment's of the spine, muscle pulls bone)

4. Poor posture (Due to misaligned skeletal system)

Massage therapist and Chiropractors goal is to assist in you receiving total health. We focus on the body as a whole. We understand what happens on the inside reflects on the outside. As a Massage therapist I understand we create a systemic as well as physically effect which is why massage coupled with chiropractic is the perfect marriage in alternative health.

Massage therapy and chiropractic has several benefits people wouldn’t typically expect. Massage and Chiropractic affect The Vascular system, which is the heart and blood flow. We increase blood flow so that the muscle can relax and help the joints move freely. You can create a sluggish immune system without healthy movement. With every movement you pump lymph fluid through the body which helps filter through the lymph nodes so you can fight off colds and flu better. Chiropractors can give you a cervical adjustment to stimulate white blood cell that help fight off infections. Massage therapy relax he muscles allowing the chiropractor to adjust the neck. Muscle pulls bone if you receive adjustments without the muscles relaxing the muscle will return back to the position that originally caused the vertebrae to be misaligned.

Your body will put you on a physiological reward system if you treat your body right it will treat you right.
We encourage you being hydrated to help your body have healthy fluid moving joints, pliable muscle tissue, increased healthy blood flow and improved immune system. All these things will make your body perform at its optimal for you. Receiving massage and chiropractic can just encourage your body to respond properly for you.

You should find out from your own personal experience what Massage and or Chiropractic can do  for you.
What do you do to maintain your health? Alternative medicine works well with traditional medicine. What are some of your physical concerns? Do you experience neck pain, head ache, low back pain, or numb tingling feelings in your fingers? 

For more information massage you can go to www.massageprofessionalsofillinois.com  and for Chiropractic questions you can go to www.illinoisspinalcare.com


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