Sunday, September 5, 2010

Womans Health (Seasonal Affects)

If you are a man share with your Wife, family, girlfriend, or female friend.

It has been a very interesting summer for me. I have encountered woman who have many questions about bra's, menstrual cycles, and mental health. The funny thing is if you don't have a good bra when you come on your menstrual it can cause you to be very hormonal and agitated which affects your mental health. Lol!!! I just had to get that out. now let's get serious.

I read in one of my massage therapy books by Mosby that women are lunar beings. When they say lunar they mean we are based off of the lunar system. I found that to be very funny and thought about it a little deeper. We all know that we are of the earth so why wouldn't we believe if the earth changes we would change? Have you noticed that during seasonal changes your menstrual cycle changes? Did you notice that in the summer your very energetic, during the winter your SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and during spring you find yourself having a little more sexual energy? Though my Husband says " All year has been spring it seems". (That's Newly Weds for You). The funny part is I also learned that the word lunatic was created to describe the woman. Yes, I know, that's what I said to... The word lunatic is meant to describe our mental state during the changes like full moon etc...

We are as humans controlled by the planet and everything that surround it. Ex: we have a gland called the pineal gland that controls the release of our melatonin and serotonin which controls our sleep and awake cycle. To explain when the sun rises and the sun light touches your fore head it the pineal gland will release the hormone to wake you up. Now you know the same for sun set and going to sleep. Oh!! How God has created a miraculous system.

Women menstrual cycles change for many reasons. Have you ever notice you come on your cycle on the 21st every month now you have a new job and suddenly it changes to the 10th of the month? Or It could be you started hanging with a new female friend. It's funny we become synced up and suddenly all the women who work together or hang together begin to start their menstrual at the same time. That is one thing I can't explain to you, but it's very funny.

The body goes on hormonal over load and we become upset and sad but we can change it. Laugh ladies when you feel sad, angry, or depressed. Emotions are all hormonally controlled if you feel anything negitive just laugh and stimulate the joyful hormone so you can counter act the SAD hormone. We don't have to be depressed or angry when we are on our menstral cycle. Let's learn more about our bodies so we can treat about bodies better. Rememeber your body put you on a physiological reward system. We are a self healing organisim we have to learn about our bodies to unlock the gifts with in it. I Thank God for this wonderful beautiful body he blessed me with.


During the time I was seeking ways to sooth my cramps and feel healthy and full of joy even during what we consider a not so joyful moment I found several things.

I found a natural way to stop cramps that works for me-
  • Black cohosh you can take it in the tea form or pill. If you take the tea it isn't delicious but it works. I have been using it for about 2 years.
  • Exercise helps with cramps
  • staying hydrated
  • check your vitamin levels
  • massage therapy
  • I found that I have more complications when I have low vitamin levels like Iron and vitamin B.

We as women we have to speak to one another and help one another to understand why we are experiencing changes. Ladies let us share.

What have you noticed with your body?

If you have any questions or comments feel free to share. We all should share.

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